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Acoustic guitar amplifier


RMS Power: 130 W

Peak power: 260 W
Woofer: ø 165 mm - 6,5”
Silk dome Tweeter: ø 25 mm voice coil

Frequencly response (Hz): 50-20.000
Dimensions WxDxH (cm): 30x25x35
Weight (Kg): 9  (protection bag included)

3 input channels:
    • 1 balanced or unbalanced input with a Jack 6,3 to connect a guitar
    • 2 balanced or unbalanced inputs with and XLR jack to connect a dynamic or a condenser microphone or with a 6,3 jack to connect other guitars or instruments.
    • 1stereo input with 2 RCA connectors to connect an external source (CD or DVD player) or one 3,5 jack to connect an external source (iPod, MP3, Smartphone, Tablet, PC or a laptop)

Signal processing:


Every mono channel has the possibility to:


    • Adjust input gain  
    • Adjust high-mid-low +/- 15 dB   
    • Adjust signal level to effects   
    • Adjust signal level to amplifier 


 Stereo channel can adjust input gain


Other settings are possible on the mixed signal:


    • Choose effects to apply to all inputs - 16 possibilities operated by DSP
    • Adjust general effects level
    • Apply and adjust NOtch Filter (*) frequency
    • Adjust signal amplification 


4 outputs:


• STEREO OUT: stereo output to connect and external recorder. Level is set by the specific control


• LINE OUT /  DI OUT BALANCED: are mono balanced outputs to connect a mixer, an active speaker or an amplifier; level is set by the specific control. This output is mono so, signal from stereo inputs are mixed together


• PHONES: stereo output for headphones: level is set both by STEREO OUT control and PHONES level control. The channel is post fader and consequently all settings made on each channel and all effects are present. These independent outputs can assure a great versatily of use. For example, you can keep volume to zero and listen with the headphones all that has been connected. You have the possibility to record what ou are playing, adjusting independently recording volume from headset volume or even use the product as monitor and connect it to a bigger system (such as on stage installations).


Amplification in AB class

Clip limiter




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